Blog: Self-Assessment

PIDP 3250 – Instructional Strategies
Vancouver Community College
Kathryn Truant
March 11, 2018



  1. What did I learn about creating a blog?

Excerpt from blog post momentum:

“I want to begin by saying that I love my blog. My sisters and a couple of close friends are the probably the only people who read it, and that’s okay. It’s comparable to being anonymous, and that gives me the freedom to talk about whatever I want, and even contradict myself as I learn new things. Maybe someone out there on the Internet (likely one of my classmates at VCC) will ‘like’ something that I’ve posted or check out a link that I’ve recommended . . . I created this blog in the first PIDP course . . . Blogging to me reflects my own thoughts and theories” (Truant, 2018).

I am learning that what is important to me is all that matters when creating my blog and publishing my posts. I love creating posts and using my own photographs to reflect what I see in the world. I love learning how to use media and software. I love the feedback that I receive from my audience. Mostly, I am learning that I can use my blog to instruct and hopefully to entertain!

  1. Which classmates’ blog (select two) do I like and why?

I like Brenda Murray’s blog because it is concise and clear, and she shares personal stories in her posts. I like Reena Alias’ blog because it is jam-packed with information on adult education with many links and resources. Both blogs are very different: Brenda’s blog has a minimalist feel to it and Reena’s is a lot busier. Both blogs are visually beautiful and engaging. The authors take what they’re learning and translate new knowledge into articulate and interesting posts.

  1. What will I do differently next time I create a blog?

I cannot think of anything that I would do differently when creating a blog. My blog is a continuously evolving document, and it is constantly under construction. It is a purely autonomous endeavor, and as such, I can edit it anytime with the extremely supportive WordPress software. I welcome feedback from my audience, and apply any necessary changes. For example, a classmate pointed out that accessibility for all learners is an important component of online communication. Since then, I use captions on all my photographs, and it is my goal to use clear language in my text to accommodate descriptive services such as screen readers.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my blog?

My blog is topic specific, so readers that are not involved in oral surgery or adult education might not be interested in my content. I need to try to create generic posts occasionally in the hopes that readers outside of my vocations will find something useful. For example, I posted a video by Will Smith (2018) to celebrate International Woman’s Day that had nothing to do with dentistry or education.

  1. Compare my blog to the rubric and the expectations and determine a mark out of 10.

Mark out of 10: 10

The Rubric:
Assignment 2 Rubric

  1. Write a brief rationale referring to the rubric and expectations as to why this mark out of 10 reflects my learning and the presentation I created.

I starting blogging for PIDP 3250 on January 24, 2018. The 10 posts that I have created since then demonstrate my commitment to this project by reflecting my thoughts on instructional strategies. I have also built on my already extensive resources and links pages on the topics presented in my posts. My blog contains a clear purpose: Adult Education and the Certified Dental Assistants role in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and it has a biography page (About).

My blog includes access to a wide range of media including PIDP digital projects that I’ve created and posted as I progress towards my diploma. I created a Pecha Kucha video based on 17 different digital projects and instructional strategies from my PIDP 3250 classmates, and included the links to their projects on my resources page. There are widget links (active sidebar icons) that take readers to my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), links to the numerous blogs that I follow which include classmates’ blogs, and links to Vancouver Community College’s School of Instructor Education website and Facebook page. I’ve also included a Creative Commons license and logo so that my readers know that they can use and share my work.

@ Please refer to my Resources page for works cited