Kathryn Truant CDA MEd – a CDA's Role in Education and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

I am a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), a profession that I love, and one that I am passionate about. I have been ‘practicing’ for many years in general dentistry, in oral surgery, and as a CDA educator in beautiful British Columbia. I like that the word ‘practice’ implies that my chosen career is a work in progress!

Perhaps I should begin by explaining what being a Certified Dental Assistant involves, specifically in the province of British Columbia. Upon completion of a ten month accredited certificate program (I attended Okanagan College), a CDA must register with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) to become licensed to practice. The license is renewable annually. Requirements for renewal include: mandatory proof of consecutive practice, and a minimum of thirty-six hours of continuing education every three years. I love that the CDSBC fosters lifelong learning! A CDA is licensed to practice under the direction of a dentist or dental specialist in many capacities, which include: setting up for treatment, assisting the doctor during treatment (passing instruments, irrigating, suctioning, retracting, mixing materials, placing matrices, placing etch & bond), giving post-operative instruction, removing sutures, providing preventative care (polishing clinical crowns, applying fluoride and desensitizers, placing pit & fissure sealants, and giving oral healthcare instruction), obtaining patient’s records (medical and dental history, intra oral and extra oral radiographs, study models, and digital impressions), and lastly (and most importantly), maintaining a chain of asepsis in the dental office. A CDA can work in general dentistry, and in the dental specialties by receiving further certification modules in Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and Sedation. CDA’s also acquire National Certification by examination (NDAEB).

My goal is to develop continuing education workshops for CDA’s in surgical assisting skills (implantology, sterile technique, and surgical assisting).

This website archives my evolution from CDA to college educator. I digress along the way: that is go off on a tangent once in a while, and rant about topics outside of, but still connected to dentistry and education. My Blog Posts are my tangent.

About the artwork: The art on my posts and pages are originals produced by my daughter Isabel Truant.

About the photographs: The photographs on my posts and pages are originals produced by myself, unless otherwise stated.

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