Adult Education Links


APA Citation Links:


Awesome VCC APA Link

 Purdue Owl (The ‘Gold Standard’)

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Links to Assist in Adult Education:

Web Article: Accommodating the Contemporary Student in an Antiquated System: Revisiting and Re-envisioning Models of Higher Education Transitions (2012)

Website: Association of American Colleges & Universities (2011). Article: Research on Adult Learners: Supporting the Needs of a Student Population that is No Longer Nontraditional

Web Article: Breaking Down Barriers and Building Opportunities for Nontraditional Students (2013)

Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Characteristics of Adult Learners:

Creating a Positive Learning Environment:

Motivational Techniques:


University of Waterloo Centre for Teaching Excellence: Teaching Tips

Flow in the Classroom:


More Mindfulness:

General Interest:

Albert Einstein Interview:

Okanagan College:

Vancouver Community College School of Instructor Education

School of Instructor Education Facebook Page:

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