Kathryn Truant CDA MEd – a CDA's Role in Education and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

My MEd – the artifacts

Curriculum and Instruction: Post-Secondary

I began my MEd journey at Simon Fraser University with 20 adult educators from different professional domains: it is a cohort/community-based program where we collaborate and also work independently through the courses simultaneously. This page chronicles the entire program from my own perspective.

EDUC 823 Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Specialty

This I Believe . . .

On individualism – A commentary

On freedom – A commentary

An inquiry into the culture and conditions of the dental assisting profession – An experiential examination for cultivating trust: a hybrid annotated bibliography

EDUC 822 Evaluation of Educational Programs

Participatory effectiveness evaluation – A lesson in trust and leadership: A reflection

Action research – reflect, collaborate, plan, act, and repeat: A reflection

Evidence of participation – A personal inventory of evaluatory strategies

What is supportive culture and how can it be cultivated and maintained within a small organization? – A case study

EDUC 806 Selected Problems in Higher Education

My 806 Intro Video

How do I foster a learning community in a meaningful way? – A reflection

Everything in moderation (Moderation in everything)- A reflection

Contribution to the learning community – Part 1

Contribution to the learning community – Part 2

Environmental trends in higher education – The trailer

Environmental trends in higher education – Group presentation

Teamwork – Roundtable presentation

EDUC 816 Developing Educational Programs and Practices for Diverse Educational Settings

Midterm assignment: Canvas discussions – My academic arguments

Term paper: Artifacts of the oppressed

EDUC 830 Implementation of Educational Programs

Individuality and collaboration: Leadership qualities – A reflection

Program planning: Facilitating contextual strategies – A reflection

830 Exit interview

Research project: Planning professional development workshops

Research project: My presentation to the cohort

EDUC 883 MEd Comprehensive Examination

Transcript of oral examination & presentation to the cohort

EDUC 905 Fieldwork

Planning advanced skills workshops to promote Certified Dental Assistant retention in British Columbia –  The autoethnography of an ‘impostor’

Note: The courses are listed in the order in which they were completed


I want to share Stephen King’s view on telepathy, which to me, means ‘to resonate:’

Let’s assume that you’re in your favorite receiving place just as I am in the place where I do my best transmitting. We’ll have to perform our mentalist routine not just over distance but over time as well, yet that presents no real problem; if we can still read Dickens, Shakespeare, and (with the help of a footnote or two) Herodotus, I think we can manage the gap . . . And here we go – actual telepathy in action. You’ll notice I have nothing up my sleeves and that my lips never move. Neither, most likely, do yours (2000, p. 115).

I hope that my words, presentations and projects will resonate.

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