I’ve been reflecting. The PIDP 3100 Course Journal Assignment involves  quotes in which to ponder, and subsequently reflect upon for evaluation. My “reflections” are posted on my PIDP 3100 page. Reflection is tough, specifically critical reflection. Who really cares what I “think,” even supported by resources? I enjoyed the research though; one can literally Google anything and come up with something that supports any thought or whim! Luckily, it’s fairly easy to tell the legitimate information from the junk. I hope that if a naive student stumbles upon my ramblings one day looking for something academic, they won’t cite me, but hopefully they’ll check out my links and resources. Of all the interesting reads that I “stumbled” upon, the research of psychologist Carl Rogers is my favourite; his keen and articulate observation into how humans (should) live and learn will stick with me, and hopefully help a fellow student someday.

I also enjoy reading the reflections of other people. I love to observe a different perspective; it helps me to think “outside the box.” After all, I do care about what other people think! Go figure.

♥The above artwork is an original painted by my daughter Isabel

By kathryn truant

Dental assistant and educator!

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