Kathryn Truant CDA MEd – a CDA's Role in Education and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Assignments PIDP 3100 – Foundations of Adult Education


An Offering

Course Journal I
The Importance of Lifelong Learning in a World of Advancing Technology

Course Journal II
Change is Good!

Course Journal III
The Importance of Critical Reflection in the Workplace

Course Journal IV
The Facilitator’s Role in Dissipating the Fears of Online Learners

Trends and Roles
Perseverance in Formal Education of Non-Traditional Learners and the Role of Educators

Lesson Planning

Learning Theory
The Importance of Behaviourism in Adult Education

One response to “Assignments PIDP 3100 – Foundations of Adult Education”

  1. So well done! Felt like I was a student in a class you were teaching! Love the comment about creativity and greatness (the ultimate reinforcement) coming after proficiency of the basics. Never thought about it that way before. Sign of a good teacher- getter us to think critically about something we may never have considered before. Your passion is felt.

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