Discussion Forums: Mid-Course Self-Assessment

PIDP 3250 – Instructional Strategies
Vancouver Community College
Kathryn Truant
February 18, 2018

My goal in the Discussion Forums is to learn new instructional strategies, but mostly, to learn from the experiences and perspectives of my forum mates. Knowles, Holton III, and Swanson (2015) explain that, “the richest resources for learning reside in the adult learners themselves. Hence, the emphasis in adult education is on experiential techniques – techniques that tap into the experience of adult learners, such as group discussions . . .” (p. 45).

I jumped into the PIDP 3250 Discussion Forums early, and was immediately motivated by the intelligence and the insights of my classmates. Initially, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have a lot to contribute because I don’t have experience teaching in a classroom setting (my teaching experience is in staff training and development). After reading through past forums, I realized that if I took the time to research and reflect upon each topic, I could contribute. Mostly, I tried to be honest, and relate the personal and professional experience that I possess as a learner and a fledgling instructor.

In each of my responses to the questions of the discussion facilitators, I included my own experience, or my plan for how I could apply the instructional strategy to my professional practice. Where applicable, I included a link or a resource to clarify or expand on my responses. I maintained a positive and respectful approach in my responses as well. I also participate in the Coffee Shop Forum, by sharing my work, and developing positive relationships with my fellow learners, which as educator Dr. John Hattie explains, is a great instructional strategy, and one that I will use in my professional practice so that I will “know [my] impact” (2013). My plan for the remainder of my learning experience in the Discussion Forums is to contribute a “substantial” amount of responses in each forum.

When considering Table 1: Discussion Forums, I have been introduced to numerous topics relating to learning, and have contributed to all:

Table 1: Discussion Forums My Responses
Jan 14-24 Flipped Classroom 2
Jan 16-22 Introverts in the Classroom 2
Jan 19-26 Problem Based Learning 2
Jan 25-Feb 3 Spacing & Interleaving 2
Jan 26-Feb 4 Expectancy Theory 2
Jan 30-Feb 5 Disruptive Technologies 2
Jan 30-Feb 5 Memory & Learning 2
Feb 3-8 Quaker Dialogue 3
Feb 5-15 Classroom Management 2
Feb 6-16 Case Studies 3
Feb 14-24 Visible Learning 3
Feb 14-24 Growth Mindset 2
Feb 15-22 Problem Based Learning 1

When considering Table 2: The Rubric, I contributed a “substantial” amount of time researching, reflecting, interpreting, and responding to “each” Discussion Forum, but I did not contribute a “substantial” amount of responses in each forum:

Assignment 3 Rubric
Table 2: The Rubric
My Rubric Score out of 10: 9.5

@ Please refer to my Resources page for works cited