Lesson Planning for Beginners

I have completed the Lesson Planning Component of PIDP 3100; it is posted on my PIDP 3100 page. There are links to assist in lesson planning for adult learners on my Links page. I am learning that lesson planning, specifically discovering who your students are, and what their expectations are, in relation to learning outcomes is the key to success (for the student and the teacher). Mostly, the teacher needs to be enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the lesson in order for it to be relatable to the adult learner. I’ve included a video that my daughter Rachel did for a required assignment during the first weeks of her BEd program at the University of Victoria. Her teacher asked the students to reflect on “Who am I?” I may be biased because I am her mother, but Rachel’s video is truly relatable and inspiring.

By kathryn truant

Dental assistant and educator!

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