Course Outline Rationale

PIDP 3210 – Curriculum Development
Vancouver Community College
Kathryn Truant
November 20, 2016

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Module for Certified Dental Assistants

Reasons for my choice of Course Outline format:

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Module for Certified Dental Assistants is intended for CDA’s electing to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the specialty. It is a vocation specific program that is targeted towards CDA’s only. The course outline suggests a brochure format that could be distributed in the online and mailed bulletin that the College of Dental Surgeons of BC distributes to its registrants monthly; The Contact News Bulletin provides information regarding continuing education opportunities. In addition to advertising in The Contact News, a brochure format could also be distributed at educational facilities offering the Dental Assistant certificate program, and can be emailed to practice managers of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinics. Further, the OMS Assistant course is an elective program, so the brochure format works well to attract the attention of CDA’s interested in advancing their employability in the exciting field of OMS!

Reasons for my choices related to key information that I included in the course outline:

The brochure format gave me opportunity to be creative in composing an attractive document, especially one that I would have the autonomy to include as much information that a CDA would need if they became interested in taking the CDA-OMS Module. I also included a photograph of a surgical procedure, and the CDA’s role. My focus on outlining the course in this format is to provide all of the reasons WHY a CDA would want to take the course, and also to project a positive and professional learning environment.  The questions that I addressed and explained are:

– What is the course about and why take it?

– Who is teaching this course?

– Who would take this course?

– Will I receive continuing education credit?

– Are there any pre-requisites?

– How are the students evaluated, and is there a formal exam?

-What type of facility does the course take place in, and will there be group activities?

– What is the session schedule, and can learners do this outside of their work schedule?

– Is there a textbook required?

– What to bring to class each session?

– Are there policies on attendance, attitude, rewrites, and mandatory attendance?

– How much does the course cost? (This is important, and it is usually something that I will check right away when I’m looking at courses).

– What are some common questions that prospective students have?

– Is there contact information provided?

And lastly, I wanted to include a mission statement to highlight the goal of the course so that CDA’s will feel encouraged to enroll, in order to learn and grow in excellence in the profession.