The Fanatic


I listen to the Howard Stern show every week. I am a fan of the show.

What I love about it are Howard’s honest comments and queries towards his guests, and especially his staff (in my opinion, his staff’s personal lives are the best material/fodder for the show). This past week, Howard has been trying to understand staff writer, Richard Christy’s, OBSESSION with the Kansas City Chiefs.

 Important Note: The Chiefs are heading to The Super Bowl on Sunday for their first national championship appearance in 50 years!!!

Howard admitted that he can’t understand how anyone can have an emotional attachment to a sports team. I am shocked by Howard’s inability to understand fandom, his inability to understand an individual’s loyalty or identification to person, place, or thing? I think he should know that his listeners are among the most loyal of fans. I’m just saying.

I digress. The point of this post is not about Howard Stern: it is about my husband’s OBSESSION with the Kansas City Chiefs. Howard’s confusion prompted me to ask my husband (let’s say his name is Doug) why he loves the Chiefs. He responded, “I don’t fucking know,” like it was the stupidest question he had ever heard! Those of you who know ‘Doug’ would not take his abrupt response personally😊. The depth, but more likely the quality of my question seemingly annoyed him. Ask a stupid question, and you get a stupid answer. In other words, you’ve heard the phrase ‘there are no dumb questions:’ mine is the exception. A true fan does not need to provide justifications of their loyalty.

Doug has LOVED the Kansas City Chiefs for as long as I’ve known him. Just to give you an idea of our history, I started dating this him when I was 15. I am now 15 plus forty. So, 40 years of having a partner who loves his team.

Life is hard sometimes. Fandom allows us to connect to something bigger than ourselves. It’s fun to cheer on our teams win or lose. Fifty years without a Super Bowl appearance means that the Chiefs have lost more games than they have won, especially in the playoffs. But, Doug’s loyalty to HIS team is unwavering. I have a lot of respect for that level of commitment. I can also be super critical towards other people that I see wearing Chief’s merchandise – my mind goes right to judging them as posers – they can’t be true fans because no one could love the Chiefs as much as Doug (and Richard Christy). Crazy eh?

Our home has been decorated with Chiefs jerseys, helmets, a throw pillow, a Russian doll set, a tiki mask, pennants, glassware, etc. I know we have a Chief’s flag around here somewhere too; I better dig it out this week or who knows what will happen in the game. Yup, we are superstitious too. I’ve installed a little KC shrine for Doug beside the TV. I’ll light the candles to illuminate the Chief’s paraphernalia at the start of the game. If things go sideways for the Chiefs, I’ll extinguish the candles until the game turns around. It’s worked like a charm so far during the playoffs. You’re welcome Kansas City 😉!

Go Chiefs!

By kathryn truant

Dental assistant and educator!

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