Sticks Out


The heart-breaking loss of 16 individuals from the Humboldt Broncos hockey club reverberates far and wide. There are no adequate words to express the profound sadness associated with the accident. It is however, a good reminder for me not dwell on the day to day stuff that does not matter, and I’ve consciously spent the past week being more appreciative of my life and my privileged circumstances.

The outpouring of love and support for the community of Humboldt that I’ve witnessed is moving and inspiring. People want to do something to help and to connect; we are trying to feel better. On my way to work one day last week I saw hockey sticks outside of my neighbour’s homes, and when I arrived at work my boss had put his sticks out at the entrance to our office. The respect that this small gesture represents has created a solidarity that goes beyond words, and it is extremely comforting; I hope that it consoles those directly affected by the tragedy too.

By kathryn truant

Dental assistant and educator!

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