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🎬Me & My Survey Monkey® (Round Two)

Alas, YouTube© has blocked my video. But that’s okay because Vimeo™+© is now supporting my school project. I have the utmost respect for an artist’s work, and would never use content without attribution or for commercial use. I didn’t want to remove the Beatles’ song because it works well with my film (and I love the song). The video isn’t even that great, but the hype surrounding it has become interesting and controversial!

🎬Me & My Survey Monkey®

Making an instructional video is challenging and time consuming. It is also a lot of fun! However, the content of the film almost becomes secondary to its production. The video is part of a digital assignment in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College. The criteria was to highlight a strategy used to solicit student feedback on the instructional process. I chose to feature online instructor feedback forms with the help of Survey Monkey. I made the video using  QuickTime® on my 2011 MacBook Air® and iMovie®. I uploaded the video to YouTube©. I guess EMI® isn’t happy with me using a Beatles’ song because YouTube instantly sent me a warning and threatened to block my video! I am disputing YouTube’s decision under the ‘fair dealing exception’ in the Copyright Act because my video is for educational purposes only. I hope my dispute holds, and I hope you enjoy my amateur production. Please keep in mind that I’m a dental assistant and a fledgling educator, and not a film maker.


Featured Image: Fennec fox Attribution: Floridapfe from S. Korea Kim in cherl/Getty Images

I am in the midst of the fifth course in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College. The course is Media Enhanced Learning; I’ve been creating instructional documents and posting them online, and you will see them on  my PIDP 3240 page once I’ve completed the course. However, I want to share my video on Using Copyright Protected Images in Education. Creating media is very time-consuming, but super fun, because I love technology. The 5 minute video that I produced using the stock software (QuickTime and iMovie) on my old and reliable 2011 MacBook Air took me 10 hours to make; this included doing research on using copyrighted material, writing a script, filming my segments, and editing. I now have a sincere and increased appreciation for the work involved in videography. Enjoy the video! I hope it clarifies the use and reproduction of internet images.