Creative Lecturing

3260 Professional Practice Blog (Week 7): Brookfield, Chapter 6 In my line of work, lecturing is an important component of theory introduction. I can assign readings, have learners watch videos, enact demonstrations, and stimulate discussion, but ultimately I need to spend time describing content to my learners in the form of a lecture. This is… Continue reading Creative Lecturing

Program Accreditation ‘PART ONE’

3260 Professional Practice Blog (Week 6) I want to talk about program accreditation because it’s important to appreciate an institution’s commitment to their learners, their faculty and support staff, and the public.  I do not think most people know how much preparation and hard-work is involved in offering a program in which validity is the focus.… Continue reading Program Accreditation ‘PART ONE’

Program Accreditation ‘PART TWO’

3260 Professional Practice Blog (Week 6) A dental assisting program that is not accredited cannot grant a certification designation to dental assistants. What this means is that the dental assistant cannot perform any intra-oral duties (inside the oral cavity). For example, a non-certified dental assistant cannot take x-rays, or polish teeth. There are too many… Continue reading Program Accreditation ‘PART TWO’