The Gogies

PIDP 3250 – Instructional Strategies
Vancouver Community College
Kathryn Truant
February 11, 2018

‘Gogies’: Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy

Gogies are methodologies aligned with teaching practices. I’ve included my own interpretations of how I relate to each method:

Pedagogy: the traditional art and science of teaching: I teach, you learn!
Origin: the dawn of man

Andragogy: the method and practice of teaching adult learners: I’m going to teach you something that you find useful or practical, and maybe I’ll learn something from you too!
Origin: Coined in 1833 by Alexander Kapp, popularized in 1968 by Malcolm Knowles

Heutagogy: self-directed learning – here’s all the info that you need; figure it out!
Origin: In 2000 by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon

Please check out Megan Englehart’s digital presentation on her interpretation of the differences between the three methods:‘Gogies

Heutagogy as an Extension of Pedagogy (Pierre & Pierre, n.d., p. 6)

Since PIDP 3250 supports the Heutagogy method,

Question 1. What are some instructional strategies that support self-directed learning (heutagogy)?
Question 2. What are some assessment strategies (formal or informal) for the self-directed learner?

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